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Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining


Rubber Lining with high quality material India. Mainly used in Chemical Industries for its anticorrosive quality & its resistance against all kinds of acids. We can supply these lining in all kinds of Natural & Synthetic Rubbers as per the working parameters and the client’s requirement.

Technical Specification

Rubber Lining

– Free running capability to convey very lightweight loads.
– Low cost alternative to stainless steel tube rollers.
– Plastic conveyor rollers are available in either grey and blue.
– Ideal for use in humid, wet or wash-down environments.
– Non-marking benefits when in contact with the white top surface of flat or modular belts.

Standard Features

We coat various types of plastic synthetic coatings for the printing industries. Our two main synthetic coatings are corvel and rilsan. Synthetic materials which provide resistance to chemicals while offering excellent abrasion, wear and impact resistance with a low coefficient of friction. The selection of roller type and coating material depend upon the application and the web material. We manufacture wide range of Metal Bow Roll , plastic rollers for varied applications. We are also manufacturer of different type of Web Guiding System for different machines and industry


  • Roller used in Different Machines for Plastic Industry : Printing Machine, Flexible Printing Machine, Flexo Machine, Lamination Machine, Graver Machine, Scaling Machine, Pipe Plant, Winding Unwinding Machine, Offset Printing, Box Strapping Machine
  • Roller used in Different Machines for Textile Industry : Stenter Machine, Jigger Machine, Rotary Machine, Dyeing Machine, Calender Machine, Mangle Machine, Loop Steamer
  • Used in Different Industries : Industries like, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Textile, Plywood, Sheet Line, Material Handeling and many more.

Our equipments are used for following Applications:

  • Rewinding – Converting, Textile, Paper, Tire,
  • Unwinding – Converting, Textile, Paper, Tire,
  • Marking, Coding and Printing Applications,
  • Slitting – Any type of Laminate,
  • Packaging,
  • Wrapping,
  • Printing – Converting and Textile,
  • Tracking,
  • Controlling Tension & Edge of Laminate / Fabric.