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About Us

Krishna Engineering Works is a company incorporated by experts having vast experience of 25 years in the Engineering industries of Plastic Packaging – Converting, Textile Processing and Tyre – Cord machineries. Our founders have a deep technical & marketing knowledge in these industries. The company takes regular participation in national, international conference, exhibitions, etc. to continuously update itself with latest technological advances and make available to the market our latest products.

We have been manufacturing all types of Rubber Rollers, Wrinkle Removing Rolls, Banana Rolls, Bow Roll, Metal Rolls, Metal Bow Expander Rolls, Industrial Rolls, Hard Chrome Plated Rolls, Spreader Roll, Dryer Cylinder, Cooling Roll etc. For different industries and applications. Like, Textile Industry, Paper Industry, Flexible and Printing Industry.


Krishna Engineering Works are successful manufacturers, exporters & suppliers of above machineries with great performance & quality assurance with customer satisfaction. We confirm the assurance of the quality of Rubber Roll machineries  and its components as they are being manufactured in our own factory, which is well equipped with all necessary top quality technically skilled personnel, raw materials & machineries. From raw materials to finished components are carried out up to final stage of assembly with total inspection to ensure export quality. Also in the final stage of the machine, continuous trial is taken to satisfy ourselves before being dispatched to our customers. We use state of the Art Technology with computerized drawing designs.