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M S Roller

M S Roller


Krishna Engineering Works have been manufacturing, exporting and supplying M S Roller from India. We are dealing on M S Roller with an international standard including features like high temperature resistant, resistant to tear, resistant of wear, corrosion resistant and much more. Applicable to flexible / plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, leather industry, sheet line industry and more. We have been manufacturing different type of flexible packaging machinery like Slitting Machine and Winder Rewinder.

We make available a wide range of Mild Steel Rollers (M.S. Rollers). We use only high-quality M S Roller in fabricating these rollers which we procure from our trusted vendors to assure best quality. These rollers find their use at large in different industries owing to their qualities like resistant to corrosion and can handle the extreme temperature. We assure our customers of high quality and high precision in our range of mild steel rollers. Our range of M.S. Rollers is in wide demand by the customers. We are considered as one of the best manufacturers of these rollers due to our innovation and advancement in the entire range of mild steel rollers.

When web is having a very delicate layer, as in case of metallized, neither rubber expander roller nor Polyband expander is suitable for the purpose.

Technical Specification

M S Roller

External diameter Wall thickness Length
80 mm 2. 0 mm 3600 mm
100 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
100 mm 3. 0 mm 3600 mm
120 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
140 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
160 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
180 mm 2. 5 mm 3800 mm
200 mm 2. 5 mm 3000 mm
300 mm 2. 5 mm 3800 mm
400 mm 2. 5 mm 4000 mm

Standard Features

We are offering our clients with a superior range of Mild steel rollers that are known for their efficient performance and resistance against corrosion. The use of superior engineering in its manufacturing makes them function more smoothly and quietly. Selection of roller type and coating material depend upon the application and the web material. We manufacture a wide range of M. S Rollers for varied applications. We are also manufacturer of high quality <Metal Bow Roll for different industry.


  • Roller used in Different Machines for Plastic Industry : Printing Machine, Flexible Printing Machine, Flexo Machine, Lamination Machine, Graver Machine, Scaling Machine, Pipe Plant, Winding Unwinding Machine, Offset Printing, Box Strapping Machine
  • Roller used in Different Machines for Textile Industry : Stenter Machine, Jigger Machine, Rotary Machine, Dyeing Machine, Calender Machine, Mangle Machine, Loop Steamer
  • Used in Different Industries : Industries like, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Textile, Plywood, Sheet Line, Material Handeling and many more.

Our equipments are used for following Applications:

  • Rewinding – Converting, Textile, Paper, Tire,
  • Unwinding – Converting, Textile, Paper, Tire,
  • Marking, Coding and Printing Applications,
  • Slitting – Any type of Laminate,
  • Packaging,
  • Wrapping,
  • Printing – Converting and Textile,
  • Tracking,
  • Controlling Tension & Edge of Laminate / Fabric.